Australian Open: The Space-Age Chamber That Helps Novak


2016 Australian Open - Day 5 : News Photo

MELBOURNE—The Bryan brothers shared that as they get deep into their careers, they have been talking with Novak Djokovic, who takes such great care of himself. Djokovic, who is incredibly fit, is known for his gluten-free diet. But the Bryans noted that he “does it all.”

The Bryans reported that, Novak “has special chambers [he goes into.] He has the ‘hyperbaric.’ It looks like a spaceship, it’s an egg. You go in it and it drops you down, like 12 meters. It gives you 100% oxygen which releases stem cells and [provides] anti-inflammatory healing for your body. I guess you are supposed to sleep better [and] everything. He does that everyday. He’ll play a match and the guy will open it for him every night. It’s called HyperMED and it’s right across from the hotel. A lot of guys have been going in it. Mike’s been doing it. A lot of players have been doing it. Murray’s been there, [Ana] Ivanovic, Bethanie [Mattek-Sands].

“It just helps recovery. I felt a little better. There’s like a vacuum thing you put your legs in. It kind of vacuums and flushes a lot of lactic acid out of your legs. There are a few things in there.”

Hyperbaric Oxygenation is said to impact “cellular oxygen” and has been used by cancer patients.