FAST TRACK IS ON THE FAST TRACK: Fast Track Tennis is gaining great attention. It is an inventive training system that has a big net to hit your shots at. In some ways it is like a tennis wall. The new training device you can set up on a court, in your garage or virtually any open space, is in part  a ball machine. It continually feeds you balls. And get this, there’s no need to stop and collect balls that have gone all over the place.

“It blew me away,” said Joyce Doud, who teaches tennis in Vermont.

Easily used by beginners or more advanced players, Fast Track – invented by John Davey – is easily constructed and can be placed in virtually any open space. Visit

SOL SISTER SPORT CONTINUES TO INSPIRE: Entrepreneurship is at the heart of the American Dream – Have idea, make idea work, bingo. Enter Annika Miller and Tina Jennings, who says there’s such satisfaction in seeing your product gain traction in the marketplace.

And Miller and Jennings’ Sol Sister Sport is thriving for good reason as the nascent apparel company has filled the role of a largely underserved segment in the active-wear market and is tirelessly innovating to meet its needs.

Rooted in the love of sports and a desire for modest, yet fashionable athletic wear, Sol Sister Sport has conceived an all-in-one garment that seamlessly combines style, comfort, and practicality: a one-piece tennis skirt with attached leggings.

To enhance versatility and inclusivity, these leggings are available in different lengths – ankle length, mid-calf, and below the knee. For those seeking something a little different, we have designed above-the-knee variants and skorts.

In addition, long-sleeve performance shirts, available in a range of classic colors, perfectly complement these pieces or any existing wardrobe items, promoting both style and functionality.

Sol Sister Sport was created by two longtime friends and Southern California native Jennings and Miller – originally from the East Coast who moved to Northern California as a young adult – who had children similar in age when they met more than 20 years ago.

Understanding that inclusivity goes beyond gender, Sol Sister has crafted a similar line for men featuring shorts with attached leggings. This concept addresses myriad concerns, providing sun protection,

additional warmth on chillier days, and coverage for aging skin, all while ensuring comfort through a singular waistband design.

Website reviews call the Sol Sister Sport leggings “My ‘Go-To’ everywhere pants,” and “comfy, cozy, cute.”

Sol Sister Sport doesn’t simply design clothes, they design an experience – one that caters to an aging population that appreciates modesty, vanity, and comfort in their active-wear.

Now, products are available to international customers via the website:

“This is an important step in our mission to offer style and comfort to athletic enthusiasts across the globe, regardless of age or location,” Jennings said. “Sol Sister Sport is more than an apparel company; it’s a testament to entrepreneurship focused on serving the community by addressing gaps in the current active-wear market.”

DELSEY LUGGAGE GOES FOR THE LINES WITH STYLE: If we know one thing about the French, it’s that they breathe style, they cherish style, they love style.

Fly to Paris on Air France and they tell you, “Elegance is a journey.” Head out to Roland Garros and time and again you see the emblazoned slogan, “Go for the lines with style.”

Now the 77-year-old French company Delsey is delivering a luggage line with style. And get this: it has a tennis theme. The entire limited edition collection – from backpacks, duffel bags to carry-ons and large checked luggage –  unmistakably reflects Roland Garros.

It features lovely navy color with white and terra-cotta accents that evoke the French Open’s gorgeous clay. On some bags the deep orange color is set off by bold white stripes that evoke tennis lines.

A few things are clear. You will never have trouble spotting your bags on the luggage carousel. Your fellow travelers may be a tad envious. After all, you have some of the most distinctive bags in the airport. Plus, you’ll enjoy inventive French interior designs and impressive European craftsmanship that’s known for its durability, its security and (lest we forget) its style.

For info on Delsey’s eye-catching, offerings visit

TRAILBLAZERS BOOKS OFFERS INSIGHT INTO BEGINNING OF WTA TOUR: Women’s pro tennis is by far the more successful female pro sport. It’s big, it’s bold and it’s brassy. And so is the stunning new book “Trailblazers – The Unmatched Story of Women’s Tennis” by Billie Jean King and Cynthia Starr. At first glance the volume is an incredibly user-friendly coffee-table book. The casual reader can open to any one of hundreds of photos that bring to light a sport that has thrived for decades. It’s like a jaw-dropping family album. Here one sees a balletic Suzanne Lenglen, the fabled Gussie Moran with four Dodgers, familiar and not so familiar pioneers of the game, former No. 2 Andrea Jaeger in braces or the delightful young Williams sisters, braids and all. Plus, an array of player profiles amplify the unique courage women tennis players have brought to the arena.

King and Starr’s book is a gift. And come to think of it, “Trailblazers” is the perfect gift for any tennis lover.

TEACHER LAUNCHES FULL COURT TENNIS APP: It only makes sense. Longtime SoCal player Brian Teacher long ago became an outstanding teacher. Now the former Grand Slam champion and Pasadena resident Teacher has launched a groundbreaking new tennis instructional platform that may revolutionize the way tennis players learn, and how coaches athletes.

Full Court Tennis, that has impressive partnerships with the WTA & ATP Coach Organizations, is now available through the app store, to all coaches and players of all skill levels. The innovative app allows players to instantly access the worlds’ best coaches for in-app virtual lessons.

The app offers its users access to a global community with free tips, drills, and analysis on the Full Court Feed where players can follow, learn, and interact with coaches and players.

Developed by Teacher and the Full Court  Advisory that includes John McEnroe, Katrina Adams, and AI scientist Dr. David Fogle, the app provides invaluable options for training, including hiring a coach for stroke analysis and a live video consult lesson. Coaches can set their own rates and availability for in-app lessons. Players can actually compare their strokes side-by-side to the pros through the app’s stroke library.

“Growing up playing tennis at a public park, I found it challenging to learn the game without access to world-class coaches,” said Teacher, who won the Aussie Open in 1980 and has coached Andre Agassi, Greg Rusedski, and other top pros. “I was looking for ways to make world-coaching instantly accessible around the globe – even for children who would not otherwise have access to top coaching talent.”

The Full Court Tennis App is a free download on the Full Court Tennis website or the App Store.

SOL SISTER SPORT JUST THE RIGHT FIT: Tina Jennings and Annika Miller were unhappy. Many of the basics of women’s apparel just weren’t right. Whether it be leggings or tops, they couldn’t find what pleased them, and had a desire for much-needed protection from the powerful California sun rays. There was only one solution: Start your own company and make what you need yourself and then sell it to women around the world who want to have fun in the sun without sacrificing style.

Sol Sister Sport was created by two longtime friends and Southern California native Jennings and Miller – originally from the East Coast who moved to Northern California as a young adult – who had children similar in age when they met more than 20 years ago.

“I got sunburned a lot growing up, and by the time I was in my 20s, I was already covering myself up to avoid the sun,” said Jennings, who admits she was always the athletic girl sweating in tall socks and heavy long sleeves. “Annika and I would go onto Ebay and we couldn’t find what we needed, and when we did, they were only in one color. So we just decided to make them ourselves.”

Sol Sister Sports sells its popular capri-length 2 in 1 skorts with leggings, as well as women’s and men’s tops, exclusively online and in some tennis pro shops. Jennings and Miller were all set to debut their merchandise at Indian Wells in March of 2020 when Covid delayed their rollout.

Website reviews call the Sol Sister Sport leggings “My ‘Go-To’ everywhere pants,” and “comfy, cozy, cute.”

“We’ve gotten a great reception and almost 100 percent of the time people who bought it, love it,” said Jennings, who added pickleball players love the Sol Sister Sport line and they will continue to market to that demographic.

It’s not just athletic apparel for tennis and pickleball players, but anyone who enjoys a healthy, active lifestyle, whether it be on the golf course, biking, hiking, running, gardening, Yoga, Pilates, and more.

“What we really wanted was something that looked great, was comfortable, and stayed cool in warm weather,” Jennings said. “I mean, trying to avoid the sun shouldn’t keep us from having fun together.”

For information:

ELECTRONIC SCORING SYSTEM CHANGING THE GAME FOR THE BETTER: A few years ago, Mark Greenberg would walk into his tennis club at Bass River Tennis Club in the northern Boston suburb of Beverly, Mass., and wonder who was playing and what was happening on the 10 tennis courts being displayed on 65-inch monitors as he entered the club.

So Greenberg and his partner Mike LaPierre set out to create a scoring module that could be displayed onto a screen and viewed anywhere via an app showing the score on each court.

The patent pending Electronic Scoring System (ESS) was first developed for Bass River in 2019 and is now being marketed to clubs everywhere. The system allows players to enter the game score information on an iPad quicker than 

flipping the cards at the side of the court. Once the score and video information is captured, the information is available for all local and remote people to view it anywhere.

“It could be your grandpa in Florida wanting to watch your junior match,” said Greenberg, who joined Bass River 12 years ago and is a self-professed “computer nerd” who first started programing computers in the early 1970s. “Or if you are on a club team, other teammates can check out score updates during their breaks.”

“Once it’s on the database it’s amazing what you can do with it.”

Greenberg calls ESS the first major improvement in scoring since line calling and represents the next generation in scoring and information for tennis.

“The plan is to go after clubs that want to move into the 2020s,” said Greenberg, who spent his career building technology systems before retiring in 2003. “All we require is the name of the club’s website, a logo, how many courts, and an IP address from the cameras. It’s basically an app you can get from the app store so there is no need to send a team out to build anything. Once you have the iPad, we can set it up in 15 minutes.”

For more information:

NEW FILA COLLECTION OFFERS VARIETY OF VINTAGE STYLES: To honor the 110th anniversary of the brand, FILA will release the commemorative “110 Year Collection,” which will be worn on court at the US Open by No. 1 Ash Barty, John Isner, Reilly Opelka

and Sam Querrey among others. The collection features designs inspired by styles found in the FILA archives. This limited edition offering combines the vintage styles of the brand’s rich tennis heritage with modern lifestyle silhouettes in performance fabrics.

The collection offers a variety of FILA’s most popular styles, with the Racerback Tank, Short Sleeve Polo, timeless 110 Year Dress, a classic Short Sleeve Crew or the similarly-styled Short Sleeve Polo. Both the men and women will round out the 110 Year Collection with the iconic FILA French Terry jacket, paying homage to FILA’s role as a pioneer and an innovator in tennis fashion.

WILL NEURO TENNIS CHANGE THE GAME? Scandanavian icon Mats Wilander didn’t beat you with a Thor-like serve. Rather it was his groundies, plus one other secret ingredient, that led him to No. 1 and eight Slam titles – his smarts. The ATP’s Jay Berger said, “The biggest weapon in tennis is Mats Wilander’s brain.”

Since then the Swede has used his insights to become a celebrated Euro Sport broadcaster. And now he’s joined a Florida-based group to launch the Neuro Tennis teaching tool. Long in the making, and one of the most intriguing aids since a groundbreaking pro in Texas dragged a traffic cone out onto a court decades ago, Neuro Tennis is an innovative device you simply put on your wrist and, voila! You have your own coach. No, Neuro Tennis doesn’t replace your local certified instructor. But, in the moment and based on your strokes, the lightweight device provides critical prompts: step in, bend lower, hit earlier. Plus, with its app featuring an easy-to-use design, you can program over 40 prompts and 7 lessons. Reasonably priced, Neuro Tennis is a worthwhile investment for anyone who wants to improve. The device is best used in tandem, one on your wrist and the other on your partner, as Neuro tennis can track when your partner makes contact with the ball and provide instruction accordingly. One aspect of a coach’s job is to reinforce good habits and with Neuro Tennis the insightful, Slam champ Wilander does just that. A courtside coach can be expensive, sometimes $100 per hour. Neuro Tennis offers a portable coach, ready wherever and whenever, that will lead you through any number of drills, providing feedback based specifically on your strokes, court positioning and more. It acts as a great supplement to an in-person coach, allowing you to learn more and grow. For info on this trailblazing product visit

A NEW SLINGER’S IN TOWN: The pandemic hits hard, but amid the devastation there are silver linings. Recreational tennis has plenty of social distancing. More people are taking up the game and ball machines are an appealing alternative, they spread challenging balls, not the virus, around the court. All of which brings us to the new, much talked about Slinger ball machine that has already drawn significant attention. Essentially, it’s a ball machine combined with a tennis bag, and has many handy pockets for rackets, gear, phone and chargers – nice. Plus Slingers are on wheels and are about as portable as a big suitcase. Slinger CEO Mike Ballarde, who used to head Prince, notes that most avid golfers toss their clubs in the trunks of their car so they always have access to them. Slinger replicates this. The lightweight, versatile ball machine that comes with its own supply of balls allows for a “have-ball-machine-can-practice” mindset. And it’s surprisingly affordable. So, if you know an active tennis player who’d like to safely groove his or her groundies, you might consider slinging a Slinger under a loved one’s (or your own) Christmas tree. For info go to

VINTAGE – Getting Down to Basics for 40 decades

For four decades, Vintage Contractors has gotten down to basics. They’ve put in high quality courts throughout California and Hawaii. A leader in sport, recreation and industrial material installation since 1981, Vintage specializes in a process called Slipsheet Overlay, allowing them to repair severely damaged asphalt courts without having to tear them out. Whether you are looking to repair, replace or build for the first time, Vintage has experience and expertise in a wide range of projects relating to court construction, surfacing and maintenance having worked with top California colleges and clubs like Stanford, UC Berkeley, The Olympic Club, Harbor Point, California Tennis Club, Google Campus, The Claremont, Berkeley Tennis Club and more.

For more information, an estimate, or to learn more about the many successful projects Vintage Contractors has worked on in its 40 years, visit

The FILA Heritage

The tennis industry and tennis fashion are constantly shifting. Brands come, brands go. Trends emerge, then fade – goodbye. There are few constants. 

Then there is FILA. The shoe and apparel company that was born over a century ago in the Italian Alps has style and sport in its DNA, but truly became synonymous with the sport of tennis in the 1970’s as Bjorn Borg rose to prominence. Wearing stylish FILA outfits and a distinctive headband, the Swede was tennis’ answer to the Beatles. 

But this was only the beginning for a singular brand whose distinctive styles have been a constant for decades. Guillermo Vilas, Evonne Goolagong, Boris Becker, Jennifer Capriati, Kim Clijsters, John Isner, Sam Querrey and Karolina Pliskova are just some of the stars who have sported FILA. Two of the four women who now hold Slams, Ash Barty and Sofia Kenin, wear FILA. 

Why all the success?

Drawing on Italian craftsmanship and imagination, using fine fabrics, and deeply committed to sports and performance, FILA is hardly a newcomer. Authenticity matters, consumers know. FILA has long separated itself from others.  Plus, few companies so eagerly support their athletes. And while tradition is in its bones, FILA is always looking to innovate. 

At this year’s US Open, their new aptly-named Heritage Line will be on display. With looks rooted in the brand’s rich tennis fashion history, the line combines contemporary style and strong performance features. Many of the outfits feature improvements that not only make players look good but contribute to on court success. The women’s Racerback Tank features a keyhole cutout to help breathability. The Full Coverage Tank has elastic trim at the neck for comfort and the Cami Tank has an adjustable criss-cross back strapping to ensure good fit.

FILA’s best-selling shoe, the Axilus 2 Energized, boosts performance. Lightweight, flexible and featuring updated outsoles and liners made of anti-slide nylon, it gives players stability without sacrificing comfort, support or style. And style and performance has been what this Italian-born outfit has been all about since a fellow named Bjorn took the sport by storm.

Tennis Warehouse presents RACKET REVIEW

By Chris Edwards

Players seeking a great blend of power and control will find the perfect partner in the Babolat Pure Strike 16×19. The racket offers the maneuverability and easy acceleration players enjoy in the Pure Drive and Pure Aero, but the Pure Strike features a lower stiffness level and boxier beam for control. The result is a racket delivering impressive power without sacrificing control and feel. In the Pure Strike 16×19 we feel Babolat has created a great option for the all-court player who likes to add some variety to today’s power game. Best suited to intermediate through advanced level players.

The iconic Babolat Pure Drive just keeps getting better and better. Huge spin and crushing power make this a popular choice with club players through to top pros. This updated Pure Drive features a retooled string bed. FSI Power Technology includes diamond-shaped grommet holes and wider string spacing for even more power and spin. The Cortex dampening system was updated to provide a more dampened feel at impact and mute the natural stiffness of the frame. Perfect for the modern aggressive baseliner who likes free power, our team also found great put-away potential at net for players who are forward-inclined.

Stronger beginners through intermediate players will enjoy a solid blend of power, access to spin and ample control in the Volkl V-Feel 4. The racket’s versatile nature makes it a great choice for all-court players and doubles specialists. At 27.6 inches in length, the V-Feel 4 provides some added leverage for more pace and spin. The 105-square-inch headsize offers a generous sweet spot while the open 16×19 string pattern grabs the ball for added spin and control. Volkl has also improved its handle technology to include a new material called REVA for greater shock absorption.

Volkl has completely revamped its 9 series racket with the Volkl V-Feel 9. This version is all about big power and big spin. A stiff beam construction teams up with an open string pattern to help players maximize big baseline hitting. At net the V-Feel 9 feels solid, with a direct and crisp response at impact. As from the baseline, stronger intermediate through advanced players will find lots of pace and spin available on serves. With its power and spin capabilities, the V-Feel 9 works just as well finishing off a point with a one-two punch as it does trading heavy shots from the baseline.

Known for its hallmark blend of controllable power and feel, the Wilson Blade 98 16×19 Countervail adds a dose of comfort to create a modern classic. Wilson’s Countervail technology is designed to reduce shock and muscle fatigue without sacrificing the feel Blade fans love. At the baseline our testers found access to the big spin and easy depth of modern tennis, but there was still plenty of versatility to allow all-court players to be creative. Players who prefer lighter rackets might find this one tougher to maneuver and should check out the lighter Blade 98S. We recommend this one to stronger players seeking a well-balanced racket with a comfortable response.

The Wilson Ultra 100 lives up to its name, delivering ultra power and spin. A great option for strong beginners all the way to the pro tour ranks, this is a racket that can be fine-tuned by your string setup. Players seeking power and comfort will love the response of the Ultra 100 with a multifilament string like Wilson’s NXT. Add a co-poly string and the racquet becomes a spin monster with ample control for big-hitting advanced-level players. From the baseline to the net, the Ultra 100 feels fast and user-friendly, making it a great all-court option.

Players seeking a fast and easy-to-maneuver racket with solid baseline power will find a great partner in the Tecnifibre TFlash 300 PS. The PS in the racket’s name stands for Power Stab, a convex yoke designed to extend the length of the center main strings for more power, stability and comfort. Our play-testers agreed that the TFlash 300 PS delivered the goods. There was easy depth from the baseline, and the racquet was extremely user friendly. Some higher-level players would have liked a little more feel on volleys, but for other areas of the court the big power and easy access to spin was put to good use.

Yonex hits another ace with the release of the Yonex EZONE 100 (300g). An update to the EZONE DR 100, this racket is loaded with new technologies and offers a firmer, crisper feel. The result is a stable-feeling racket that delivers controllable power. Our testers found the racket easy to get into position even when up against hard-charging opponents. At net the racket delivers ample power for deep volleying while blending a solid feel with easy maneuverability. Touch players may favor the previous DR version, but those seeking power and spin will find this update a better fit.

The Yonex VCORE Pro 97 G builds on the popularity of the Duel G 97. While the two appear similar, a closer look reveals the Pro 97 G has dropped a cross-string (16×19 vs. 16×20) and offers a firmer flex. The subtle changes definitely sparked some magic on court. Better at withstanding big-hitting opponents, the Pro 97 G also provides more depth. Testers loved both the spin and the responsive feel from the racquet. Big hitters can step up to the heavier Pro 97 HG, which brings pro tour mass to every swing, but many intermediate through advanced players will find a great fit from this faster-swinging Pro 97 G.

Successful modern player’s rackets seamlessly combine spin, pace and control in an accessible package. The Dunlop Srixon Revo CV 3.0 does just that. From the baseline our testers immediately noticed the easy pace and spin they were getting. This racket features one technology to stiffen the frame, adding power and stability, while another, more flexible material softens the vibration for more comfort. All in all, the Srixon Revo CV 3.0 impressed our testers and is a great option for intermediate through advanced-level players who prefer user-friendly rackets.

Following a rich heritage of successful and beloved rackets, the Head Graphene Touch Radical MP is the newest stop on the Radical line. Don’t be fooled by the name, though, this newest Radical is loaded with spin and power thanks to a stiffer layup of graphite. That stiffness is complemented by Graphene Touch technology, which noticeably dampens the feel at impact for a plush and comfortable experience. Due to its power and spin potential, this racquet should suit a variety of playing styles and levels, but intermediate and advanced level players who like to take aggressive swings need to give this one a serious look.

The Head Graphene Touch Prestige Tour is an all-new offering in the Head Graphene Touch Prestige line. Weighing in on the lighter side of the Prestige family, the Tour is a user-friendly option and perhaps the easiest entry into swinging a Prestige. Many testers found control and maneuverability to be the racket’s main attributes. In true Prestige fashion, power generation is mostly left to the player. In the right hands (likely stronger intermediate through advanced-level players) the Graphene Touch Prestige Tour lets players swing aggressively and rely on the racket’s excellent control and stability to keep shots on target.

DH Distribution – Tennis Court Equipment & Playmate Tennis Products

Years of experience with Playmate products and a company you can trust. We are your Authorized Playmate Ball Machine Dealer for Northern California. DH Distribution is the Northern California authority in Playmate Ball Machine Parts, Repairs, Service, Sales, and Inventory. We are factory trained “Tech-Reps” and our facility in California is an Authorized Sales and Service Center. (ASSC) We have the most comprehensive selection of Playmate Ball Machine parts online. Our knowledge of past and present Playmate Ball Machines is only second to Playmate (Metaltek). We keep a wide selection of inventory stocked in our Half Moon Bay, Ca. warehouse. Our agents ship parts nationwide usually on the same day of order and can help you with installation and repair questions. Because we care, we can help with your Playmate Repairs. If you have any parts or ball machine repair questions whatsoever, do not hesitate to call. 650-563-9600