Inside Tennis, which is now in its 44th year, is published four times a year and reaches over 200,000 readers. We are mailed to the homes of members of the USTA in Northern California, Southern California, and Nevada and distributed to fine tennis and country clubs, pro shops and sporting goods stores. Many of our issues have bonus circulation at tournaments such as the US Open in New York and the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells.

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Readers Speak Out About Inside Tennis

Receiving my Inside Tennis is the highlight of the month. Well-written with opinion – which some tennis publications lack.
John Sharpe

At the Wimbledon final, there were the two best players of all on the greatest court of all time, and it was covered by the greatest tennis magazine of all time. That combination was perfect.
Don Lindo

You produce the best tennis publication in the world … IT always has inside information that appears in no other publication.
Joseph Stahl

I had to tear the Yearbook away from my son, who was reading it under the covers at 11 at night!
John Casals

I’ve never read a better, more probing, honest, reflective and witty series of articles, letters and insights than this past year in Inside Tennis. And I have been playing, coaching and reading about tennis for 50 years. So thank you for the last 30 years of stories, lessons and insights.
Murney Gerlach

After the Bible, Inside Tennis is my favorite read.
Jack Wellman

I’ve read all the tennis writers, including Sports Illustrated’s Frank Deford, and nobody touches what you do. Your ability to write about different players is extraordinary. The Agassi piece is the best tennis article I’ve ever read. Your summary of his book was perfect. You translated his circumstances with meaningful, understanding prose that went beyond sports. Nobody gets to the heart of people the way you do. Your magazine is just the best there is.
Jim Lichtman

Inside Tennis is the best tennis publication available – nationwide. You guys nail it every time with insight, humor, knowledge, honesty and style. It may be the best in sports overall.
Tom Whiting

Inside Tennis gets me re-fired up each and every month. There is a fight in the Bryan household every time an issue comes.
Wayne Bryan

It’s unbelievable how much better Inside Tennis is than the other magazines out there. Yours is the Bible. IT gets people talking.
Steve Bellamy, Founder of The Tennis Channel

Your magazine is a treasure to American tennis.
Bill Patton

You’ve got to read Inside Tennis. There’s all kinds of stuff in there you don’t see anywhere else.
Mary Carillo

I have your recent publication with Billie Jean and I am making it mandatory reading for all my female students. Thanks again for a great mag.
Stan Carter
USPTA SoCal Board

There is something unique about your magazine that we all come to eagerly await, getting your skinny on the guys and dolls in tennis as each issue is dropped into our mailboxes. Bill Simons is a beautiful writer. I read his articles over and over, wondering if, besides being a writer, he’s also a doctor of learning, perhaps a psychiatrist.
Gussy Moran

Inside Tennis should get some kind of medal for their work. It’s rich in player interviews, personality studies, and big tournament coverage … and it’s a pleasure to read.
Bruce Jenkins, San Francisco Chronicle


I have your recent publication with Billie Jean and I am making it mandatory reading for all my female students. Thanks again for a great mag.
Stan Carter
USPTA SoCal Board

My wife and I so look forward to each issue of IT. After reading it, I pass it along to my friends, who say it’s the best tennis mag they’ve seen.
Don Shirk

Everybody likes Inside Tennis. All my members take one when they go home.
David Steiner

Everybody’s reading it. Every time I get mentioned I get a lot of recognition.
Hans Romer

“It never ceases to amaze me how eloquent, masterful and Zen-like Inside Tennis pieces are. Thank you and keep up the great work.”
Zeke Straw
Director of Tennis, Northstar at Tahoe

The more that people read Inside Tennis the more they get enthused and want to play. It’s good for tennis as a whole.Bill Simons is the best writer of all time. He’s done such a creative job at creating his craft.
Dennis Claus

Your writing really is terrific. Very clever how you weave in the secondary themes. 
Roberta Stern

Inside Tennis is thoroughly informative, factual, imaginative and I feel that in many ways it outperforms others. Your writers are among the tops in their field. To have a periodical that embraces the international, national, and the sectional scene as well is extraordinary.
Bud Collins

Inside Tennis gives me faith that tennis is not dead yet, not by a long shot … Thanks for bringing it all together.
Carol Poto

I feel you are the conscience of the sport. You set the standard.
Matt Dingman 

Your writing really is terrific. Very clever how you weave in the secondary themes. So much more fascinating than just hearing how the game went between the two players. You put others to shame. Your writing is so much more artful and complex.
Roberta Stern

Your magazine is par excellence, bar none. Your intuitiveness shines through and the depth in which you delve into emotions while bringing across your subjects’ feelings and personalities is quite perceptive, thought-provoking and, usually, inspiring.
Larry Belinsky
Founder, San Diego Tennis Hall of Fame

In terms of creativity, no editorial staff I deal with comes close to yours.
Paul Fein

Inside Tennis is the best thing that’s happened to Southern California tennis in 10 years. I’m always amazed by your coverage. Your reporters leave no stone unturned.
Robert Shafer

There’s no question about it, Inside Tennis is really The Bible for tennis out here in the West.
Trey Waltke


Inside Tennis is far and away the most useful publication on tennis that I’ve ever read … You’re making the others look sick.
William Metz

I came home from six weeks out of town to a mailbox filled with 20 magazines: six Sports Illustrated, six Economist, two Inside Tennis, two Consumer Reports, Tennis, Via, Cal Sport, and AARP. Which did I read first? Inside Tennis, of course.
Peter Herb

The ad worked out great. We got calls from all over. Inside Tennis is just the right advertising vehicle for us.
Barbara Gelfand

Over the last few years, Inside Tennis has quietly become the most interesting and readable tennis publication around, due in large part to its characteristic, bemused intelligence.
John Yandell

My husband and I love IT.  It’s so readable, so juicy; it’s gutsy and written in a way that speaks right to you. It’s a style that I don’t see anywhere.
Silka Kurtz

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