DONALD TRUMP – THE LINCOLN CONNECTION: People without character "become total monsters and usually crash and burn."


Interestingly, Abraham Lincoln was brought up in the Oct. 9 Presidential debate. And when Inside Tennis interviewed Donald Trump in 2004 we had this dialog with Donald Trump about Lincoln’s view on character and power.

INSIDE TENNIS: There was this quote in your book [“The Art of the Deal”] from ‘ol Abe Lincoln, who said, “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want test a man’s character, give him power.” Has there been a problem for you? Have you seen that?

DONALD TRUMP: What does that mean?

IT: It means that anyone can deal with problems, but when you give someone power, that’s when—

DT: Well, I’ve seen many people change a lot with power. Power can change a person greatly. I’ve seen people get better, but usually I’ve seen people get worse. I’ve seen people go crazy and become power-hungry. They were nobody and all of a sudden they develop power. I’ve seen it politically. All of a sudden they become total monsters – and they usually crash and burn.”