Let Us Now Praise Andy Roddick



IF YOU WANT A DIRECT ANSWER, ASK A DIRECT QUESTION: Despite widespread speculation of a November wedding in Istabul, Maria Sharapova confirmed the breakup report tweeted by former fiancé

Sasha Vuacic. In fact, she said, they stopped seeing one another at the end of spring. “I was waiting for someone to actually ask me that question,” she said, “but nobody did directly.”

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “I’m going to try and stick around a little longer.” – Andy Roddick

BEST CHANT OF THE DAY: “One more year” or maybe it’s “Thank you, Roddick.”

BEST ADVICE FROM THE UPPER BOWL: A fan from row V called out to Roddick, “Come on, old man.” Andy just turned 30.

WHAT YOU GET ON COURT WITH ANDY: White cap, tugging at his shirt, compact power service motion, sweet backhand volley and a convincing finish (an ace to give him a 6-0 bagel set).

DID TOMIC ADMIT HE WAS TANKING: After one particularly suspect Bernard Tomic shot, Pat McEnroe said, “There’s a tank of a backhand there.” John McEnroe said Tomic’s weak effort against Roddick was “borderline for not trying.” And Tomic agreed. The Aussie told Inside Tennis, “Well, I think he’s probably right.”

ONLY AT THE OPEN: When, during a changeover, Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman were pictured on Diamond Vision for a second time, Urban leaned over and (much to the delight of the crowd) gave Kidman a big old kiss.


· Roger Federer: “I’m so happy for him, really. He’s had an amazing career. Some expected better; some expected worse. But I’m sure he’s happy with what he achieved because he almost achieved everything he ever wanted. Maybe to lose the Wimbledon title potentially, but let’s forget about that…. In my mind, he is a Wimbledon champion as well, a wonderful ambassador for the game.”

· Serena Williams: “He’s done so much for American tennis, getting so many viewers. I see players that play on the men’s tour, serve just like him.”

· Sam Querrey: “He’s been my biggest role model the last 10 years playing tennis, watching tennis. He’s been a great guy, a great leader to us all. Nice and kind, really generous to the up‑and‑comers.”

· James Blake: “I don’t even know what it feels like, but it’s got to hurt to serve 140 miles an hour for 10, 12 years.”

· Jack Sock: “I was just coming up as a junior, so he was definitely a guy I watched and looked up to and idolized. It’s definitely going to be a big loss to the tour. He’s a great guy, always nice to me.”

· Milos Raonic: “He had a magnificent career. A lot of feats that not many people had that I think a lot of people forget. I think he was eight or ten years in the top 10, which is very impressive. He’s done a lot of great things for himself and the sport.”

LMFAO IN THE HOUSE: Defending champion Sam Stosur did her own celebratory dance after winning the U.S. Open as a homage to Redfoo, a member of LMFAO which is well known for its hit “Party Rock Anthem.” She said, “I’m sure I looked like a goose.” Later, Redfoo was seen sitting in her box.

CURIOUS QUESTION: After stunning crowd favorite Kim Clijsters, a reporter asked Laura Robson, “Do you feel like the girl that shot Bambi?”

BABY TALK: Asked if her win over Clijsters will change the way she is perceived in the locker room, Robson answered, “No. I’m still a baby.”

WELCOME BACK: Bud Collins, 83, has made a triumphant return to the U.S. Open, his 59th year covering the tournament. His 10 knee surgeries in the past year have exceeded those which Billie Jean King underwent in her whole career.

ENDEMIC PRESSURE, ALL-NIGHTERS ON THE EVE OF FINALS AND CAL BEARS WHO HATE YOUR GUTS: Before beating Mallory Burdette, Maria Sharapova said she wanted to go to Stanford.

TSONGA’S QUITE THE REALIST: Before Roland Garros, France’s Tsonga predicted (correctly) that a Frenchman wouldn’t win the tournament. As for the U.S. Open, he said, “We don’t have Frenchmen who won tournament like this. I would not bet on it.”

BLAME GAME: IT asked Tsonga, with a smile, if he can blame his loss on his coach. “Yeah, sometimes I do,” he said. Tsonga coaches himself.

RECORD ATTENDANCE: Friday’s two sessions set an all-time record of 62,362.


“Roddick is one of the greatest American players. And he’s funny.” ~ Kevin Bendesky of Philadelphia

“Andy has been one of the best over the past dozen years. I admire his heart, his resiliency and his tenacity.” ~ Kevin’s dad, Larry Bendesky

“I remember Andy best as the next big thing, the up-and-coming American who had that rivalry with Lleyton Hewitt. I’m sad he’s retiring, especially with American tennis. It’s a loss to us all to have somebody like Andy leaving the sport. Hopefully more young Americans will show the excitement he has.” ~ Felicia Guglielmi, Brooklyn

“He did very well in Davis Cup and in winning the Grand Slam here. Andy is a smart guy who knew [his style] had to change, but he just wasn’t quite able to do it.” ~ Jim Case, Allentown, Penn.

“I sympathized with him. I watched a lot of Andy’s matches and felt bad for him [when he was losing]. I wish him the best of luck in his new career.” ~ Steve Wright of Westchester County, N.Y., who partnered with Jim Case as the No. 1 doubles team for Fairview High School in Boulder, Colo. in 1970

“I remember Andy in the juniors when he was 7. We would bring our dog, a Doberman Pinscher, to tournaments and Andy was this little kid and he was obsessed with it. His brother, John, was an amazing player in the state of Texas and Andy sort of came along for the ride. Then Andy moved to Florida when he was 14, 15 years old and I didn’t see him for several years. He was not winning at all at 7 years old, but he developed that serve. John would sort of spin it in, but with Andy’s serve, it didn’t matter who he was playing against.” ~ Jason Marshall of Fort Worth, Texas, women’s assistant tennis coach at TCU