About us

The award-winning Inside Tennis, now in its 39th year, is published seven times annually and is known for its creative, cutting-edge content and superb photography. The San Francisco Chronicle called Inside Tennis “the most informative tennis publication in the English-speaking world,” and tennis commentator Wayne Bryan said the magazine is “No. 1 in writing, insight, class, heart and love for the great game.” Revered and read cover-to-cover in the tennis community, Inside Tennis is considered by many to be the most compelling tennis magazine in America.

Inside Tennis has an estimated readership of over 300,000, and has a printed circulation of over 120,000 editions. The magazine is mailed to the homes of all members of the United States Tennis Association’s Northern California, Southern California, Intermountain Nevada and Texas sections and is distributed to tennis and country clubs and fine sporting goods stores. It is published seven times a year in the Northern California, Southern California and Intermountain Nevada sections and six times a year in Texas.