TopScore: A Revolution in Scorekeeping

TopScore2“We began creating TopScore six years ago because we saw dissatisfaction with scorekeepers in current tennis,” says Topspin Sports co-founder and President Paul Kincaid. “Manual and pedestrian scorekeepers don’t look good. Tennis facilities deserve better. We live in an iPhone era, why aren’t we providing a better experience?”

The future is here today, and now – finally – players and clubs can use something more attractive and fool-proof than flip cards and plastic tubes, thanks to TopScore, the world’s first and only digital, two-sided, net-mounted, self-scoring tennis scoreboard. A foot tall and nearly a foot-and-a-half wide, weighing in at just over five pounds, TopScore comes in two different handsome combinations of dark green and white. “The response has been 100-percent positive – some of the finest clubs in the world will be using TopScore,” says Kincaid, adding that many tennis facilities have already expressed interest in putting TopScore on their net posts.

Working with every kind of player – from junior and top-flight to club and recreational – Kincaid and the Topspin Sports team developed TopScore over the course of a half-dozen years, creating a product that is both intuitive and environmentally sound. “It’s made from the highest of ePaper technology,” Kincaid explains. “Two AA batteries will keep it charged upwards of over a year.” Thanks in part to anti-glare material on the front and back panels, as Kincaid notes, “The visibility of TopScore in bright sunshine and indoor courts surpasses all current scorekeepers.”

Built to withstand being struck by tennis balls, and designed to “Make Every Court Center Court,” TopScore‘s features include up/down arrows for both sets and games, a reset button, a home/visitor function and a changeover button. The latter is especially popular among players, as the numbers flip sides with no spinning of the board. Each TopScore comes with a net post and bracket as well as a cover. In ordering TopScore, any tennis club makes an instant premium upgrade to its facilities.

TopScore‘s attractive exterior includes an area to display logos, advertising or board sponsors. As Kincaid puts it, “Our ability to add logos and customize the board for tennis clubs makes it that much more special. You can advertise on the scoreboard, which turns TopScore into a revenue-generating asset.” Topspin Sports will customize TopScore for no additional cost. To order TopScore or find out more about it, go to


USPTA partners with USPA to provide additional certification options for members

HOUSTON – The United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) announced today that they will partner with the United States Padel Association (USPA) to provide additional certification opportunities for both USPTA-certified Professionals and padel professionals.

The USPA will work with the USPTA to assist qualified USPTA members who are seeking to become certified as USPA professionals while giving USPA professionals affiliation under the USPTA umbrella. As part of this relationship, USPA members will have access to all USPTA member benefits.

“I am very pleased that the USPA and USPTA are joining forces and are working together to better the coaching experience for our teaching professionals in tennis and padel. As a longtime supporter and member of the USPTA myself, I foresee great development for both organizations in helping further educate tennis and padel professionals,” said Mike May, USPA Executive Director.

Both youth and adults compete every two years in the Padel World Championships. Since the creation of the USPA in 1993, the sport has continued to make great strides worldwide.

“As with the Professional Platform Tennis Association (PPTA) last year, USA Padel viewed an affiliation with the USPTA as beneficial to its members,” said John Embree, USPTA CEO.  “It is evidence that other racquet sports coaching bodies value and respect the USPTA as a world-wide leader in education and certification.”