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AN INTERVIEW WITH NEW WTA CEO STEVE SIMON By Bill Simons Just after being named to succeed Stacey Allaster as the WTA Tour’s CEO, industry veteran Steve Simon spoke with IT Publisher Bill Simons. The humble and widely-respected Simon – who was a teaching pro, shop owner, shoe promoter and then the BNP Paribas Open’s […]

A Presidential Interview

INSIDE TENNIS TALKS WITH THE NEWLY ELECTED ITF PRESIDENT DAVE HAGGERTY – THE MAN WHO LEADS TENNIS ORGANIZATIONS By Bill Simons  Dare we note that the first President of the International Tennis Federation actually went down in the Titanic and, to sustain the theme, critics complained that of late the group has moved with a […]

Serena Williams — An Unsparing Autopsy

WHAT HAPPENED WITH SERENA, AND WHERE WILL SHE GO? By Michael Mewshaw   Autopsies are ugly affairs.  But after a disaster, there’s no better way to assess the damage and avoid it in the future than to take a hard look at what happened.  Although nobody died when Roberta Vinci beat Serena Williams to […]

Tennis Along the Silk Road – Of Money Launderers, Minesweepers and a Mind-Boggling Journey to Uzbekistan

By Michael Mewshaw This weekend the US Davis Cup team will be competing in Uzbekistan in America’s most exotic Davis Cup encounter since John McEnroe led Andre Agassi and our team to Zimbabwe in 2000. In 2007, Inside Tennis published this classic report on Uzbekistan by the intrepid tennis reporter and novelist Michael Mewshaw. […]

US Open: Gluten-Free, Adoration-Free Djokovic Captures Tenth Slam

By Bill Simons Novak Djokovic is not only gluten-free, he’s adoration-free. “C’mon!” “You cannot be serious!” This guy is a humanitarian. He’s a family man with a loving wife and cute kid. He’s beloved by those who know him. He’s survived brutal bombs and silly brouhahas. He’s a Renaissance guy who grew up listening to […]

US Open: Pasta Matters – Italy’s Pennetta Gives Us Permission to be Human

By Bill Simons Flavia Pennetta shocked the tennis world. At 33, she became the oldest player to reach a first Grand Slam final. And then she won. Then she retired. Go figure. Never before had women’s tennis felt such back-to-back shocks. Reporters were still debating whether Roberta Vinci’s win over Serena Williams was the most […]

US OPEN: “You’ve Got a Friend” – James Taylor Talks Tennis

Before the 23,700 fans at the US Open went crazy over the triumph of Flavia Pennetta, they went crazy over a friend. That would be James “You’ve Got a Friend” Taylor. Years ago, just after a US Open final, Inside Tennis editor Bill Simons tried to interview Robin Williams, Lance Armstrong and James Taylor. He […]

US Open: History Wins as Serena Fails to Crack the Roberta Vinci Code

By Bill Simons The quest – so grand and noble – is over. Long live the quest. Never before had there been a tennis journey like this. The greatest player of all time, the singular Serena, vs. history. And history had been kind. Eleven times this year Serena had shown her nerve and fight and […]

US Open: The Billie Jean Interview – “I Still Can’t Believe it”

After Roberta Vinci’s shocking 2-6, 6-4, 6-4 win over Serena Williams in the semifinals of the 2015 US Open, Inside Tennis editor and publisher Bill Simons talked with Billie Jean King about the match. “If I hadn’t seen it, I wouldn’t believe it,” King said. “I still can’t believe it.” INSIDE TENNIS: Because? BILLIE JEAN […]

Race and Tennis – From Triumph to Tears

  By Bill Simons How wonderful! Twice this year there have been stunning moments for African-Americans in tennis. In March, Serena Williams ended her 14-year boycott of Indian Wells. It was a poignant and important breakthrough for racial reconciliation. Then, last Tuesday night, there was one of the greatest moments in African-American history. In front […]