Courier the Next U.S. Davis Cup Captain?


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ng> — who heads a short list of candidates that includes Todd Martin and Brad Gilbert — will replace Patrick McEnroe as the next captain of the U.S. Davis Cup team.

The 40-year-old former No. 1-turned broadcaster was quick to put his name in the hat following McEnroe’s resignation at the U.S. Open, saying, “Davis Cup means the world to me. And at some point in my life I certainly hope to have that seat. I’m definitely interested in the job, so hopefully they’ll give me a call and we’ll chat about it.”

Courier, who went a combined 17-10 in Davis Cup play in the ’90s, lost both his matches against Russia during America’s victorious run to the World Group title in Moscow in ’95, but played the role of hero in ’99 in Birmingham, England, where he posted a pair of dramatic five-set victories in lifting the U.S. to 3-2 victory over Great Britain. In one of the greatest post-tie celebrations, U.S. coach Tom Gullikson rolled around on the court hugging Courier, then single-handedly carried him around on his shoulders.

The Floridian is well liked and respected by the top Americans, and has been considered a frontrunner over the savvy but less high-profile Martin and the outspoken Gilbert. Courier was long known for his grit as a player. Not only would he go on lengthy jogs after key wins, he dismissed the notion that he didn’t have much talent, saying, “There are many different talents besides hitting a tennis ball. Having guts on the court is a talent. Having desire is a talent. Having courage to go for a shot when you’re down Love-40 is a talent.”

The timing of the official announcement remains unknown. The U.S. will next face Chile in the first round in March 2011.